Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's That Time Again

Friday night high school football under the lights. Hot apple cider fresh off the press. Deep dish beef pot pie. Leaves crunching under dog paws. Cows getting shaggy, and sheep putting on hair. Pony the Wonderhorse bucking and kicking in the morning air at absolutely nothing. Asters and mums. Warm, yeasty fragrance of freshly baked bread. Baked apples. The summer dust getting washed off the firs and cedars and blackberry vines. The smell of woodsmoke on the air. Getting the pellet stove cleaned up and ready to go. And of course, the first rains of fall FINALLY getting here. Last week was a false alarum, with nothing more than a few spotty showers here and there, mostly there. Today, the rain was supposed to start early and be done by early afternoon. Instead, they waited until early afternoon to get started and are still going well here at the ranch. Not very hard rain, just a steady rain, the good kind of rain, the kind that soaks into the ground instead of bouncing off and running away. And I made it easier for that to happen by doggedly watering all the pots this afternoon, convinced that the rain wasn't actually going to make an appearance.

Fall. My fave time of year. Putting the garden to bed. Planting perennials, shrubs and trees. Taking rose cuttings to start for friends to plant next fall. Ordering a bushel of bulbs to plant now that the ground will soften. All in preparation for a good winter's sleep that will burst into new life next spring. It's a cycle I never grow tired of.

As usual, the pix simply can't do the scene justice. But, I try to share a little taste of the beauty that surrounds us here at the ranch

Don't forget to click on the pix

Green Peak, thru Don's oak trees to the west, on a rainy, cool early fall evening

In real life, this was simply gorgeous

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