Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall is Fine Up Here

Yesterday, we decided that a trip to Crater Lake National Park was necessary, as the road closes for the season tomorrow and it was supposed to snow up there today. So we loaded Gem the BC, the ol' man (Ho Dog) and baby Sybil in the Jellybean and made the (mostly) scenic, 4 hour drive down. A good portion of our route took us along the breathtaking North Umpqua River, where there was a photo op about every 25 feet. We had to really pick our spots so that we would have enough 'film' left for the actual destination. Dale still has to download the pix off his fancy camera, so these are from my crappy little point and shoot Nikon, which actually worked well for a change. Don't forget to click the pix - you'll want to with these shots! More to come, too.

Just one of so many stunning photo possibilities on the North Umpqua River

Dale shoots with the fancy camera

And just for fun, a shot of the Reese Creek treeline, the cows and the sweetgums and 'October Glory' maples along the fenceline on a super fine, fall day

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