Friday, September 2, 2011

Tomatosaurus Rex

They just keep coming. I pass over the cukes one day because they're the size of my little finger, and two days later they're the size of my forearm. I pick all the ripe/near ripe tomatoes one day, and two days later all I see is red out there. Three gallon freezer bags of blackberries in the freezer already and 4 times that waiting to be picked on the vines. The peppers are rocking along, the yellow wax beans are about a day away, the Brussels sprouts are begging to be roasted, the 'Fall Gold' yellow raspberry fall crop is going to be awesome, and the corn - I have no words for the corn. Slow smoked baby back ribs and fresh picked 'Mirai' corn on the cob the other night had us both bursting at the seams, and hoping for a repeat the next day. Labour Day will have us flipping ranch raised, grass fed, all natural burgers with ranch fresh onions, tomatoes, pickles and corn on the cob. Truly a bounty worth the labour that went into them.

More 'Doyles Thornless' blackberries waiting for the freezer

Tomatosaurus Rex, aka 'Costoluto Genovese' heirloom grafted tomato. I will never grow another tomato from seed again. The output and the fact that I have only watered the two grafted 'maters two times since planting have convinced me the upfront cost is more than worth it

Bigger, front tomato is a grafted 'Brandywine' heirloom tomato, still a few weeks away but loaded with green fruit. If nothing else, I'll can green tomato relish from those bad boys

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