Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Summer Morning?

Yesterday got up to a whopping 65 here at the ranch. And then, this morning's packwalk bade me wear a JACKET (okay, a heavy flannel shirt, but that's a kind of PNW jacket), whilst watching the cloud of my breath and that of the dogs in the frosty morning air. I'm a bit leery of seeing how the tomatoes and peppers fared, and it's supposed to be just about the same tomorrow morning. Our first day where the average low is 43 is October 1st. I think maybe someone misread the calendar, but I'm not namin' names.

However, we will return to summer again this weekend, bringing our sum total of summer this year up to three weeks total. In the meantime, I need another cuppa and to go find a dog to lay on my frozen toes up here.

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