Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Say Hi To Ysabel

Our long awaited first ever fall calf (well, okay, late summer calf) arrived in fine form early this afternoon. Ruffie (JB Ruffian, aka Ruffie Baby Boo Boo Girl), our senior cow, started showing me this morning that today was the day, and by noon, it was on. Ruffie is a good calver and a great momma, and this calf was no exception. Ysabel graced us with her lovely, tiny self at 1335, tipping the scales at a petite 58 pounds. She was early, so that wasn't a huge surprise, altho at the first sight of her, I just knew there was another baby in there. I had even told Bonnie on Wednesday I thought Ruffie might be carrying twins. But no, the next item to exit was the end of the birthing process, so it was just one tiny, impossibly cute and lively little girl. She was up on her feet within minutes and nursing shortly thereafter. We had to go run some errands so I didn't get any 'dry' pictures yet, as it was a tad too dark when we got home to take any, but rest assured, there will be more pix tomorrow afternoon. Both mom and daughter are doing great; when I checked on them just before dark, Ysabel was bouncing around, trying out those little legs, and taking every opportunity to jump at something. She kept running up to me, sliding to a stop, then sticking her cute little wet nose right in my face (I was sitting on the ground) and giving me a tiny lick before bouncing off to see if she could annoy one of the weanling girls.

In honour of the great cellist Yo Yo Ma, her registered name will be Yo Yo Moo. Okay, maybe that's not really an honour for a cellist of Ma's calibre, but it is for Yzzy.

Ruffie looks for just the right spot. I wish it was anywhere but here in the feeder bunks, but YOU try moving 1200# of momma cow about to calve out to the pasture

The peanut gallery, including daddy Roar, watches

And here she is!

Picking her head up for the first time, covered in hay

What a little hay magnet!

And she's up!

With mom having cleaned off all the hay, her total cuteness just shines thru

Standing confidently at all of 55 minutes old


  1. aw shucks, she's hardly any bigger than my dog!

  2. She's definitely NOT as big as at least two of mine!

  3. That is so funny considering we always called our Ysabel "cow-bel"
    She is too cute and I am trying very hard to figure out when we can come see you. It was suppose to be this spring, but looks like next spring now.

    I miss you! and I love following your adventures!
    Love you Lady!

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