Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fountain Rock Project, Part II

After doing some chores in the early morn before the heat arrived, we pottered off to pick up the pieces of the fountain rock project and a load of mulch from Lane Forest. We'd already picked out a bunch of nice stone to put around it the day before, so Dale unloaded them so we could use the trailer to haul the mulch. And yes, that is Roar in the background enjoying a nice stretch after his mid-afternoon nap. The box is 40" square, and will have some sort of river rock, probably Mexican black 1" ones, on top and the rest of the rock around the tree is to cover the base once it's in the ground.

Next, we have to move one bush, maybe two, and take out some more lawn, as the final location of the fountain has been established as next to the steps going up to the deck. Removing more lawn makes Dale a happy mower. The lawn and bush removal will probably have to wait for morning, as it's just hit 89 degrees here, and we hear the MAK grill calling for some burgers.

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  1. Wow, 43 degrees just a few days ago, 89 degrees now!