Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Rock Project - Part III

Okay, so it's been up and running for a few weeks now, but I'm just now getting caught up on the blog. The big rock fountain project nearing completion. For the second time. Don't ask, just figure that just like every other 'handyman', neither of us can be bothered to read instructions for something we deem as simple as installing the water basin/foundation for the fountain rock. I mean, how hard could it be? We just figured that the one 'extra' piece that came with the basin was a mistake, even tho it was different from the other four. But, there was only seating for the four. At least, that's what we thought. But once installed in the ground, it flexed. A LOT. With less than 250 pounds on it. We figured there was no way that it would ever support the 1284 pound rock fountain safely. So, Dale dug it all back up, we went and found a cement slab to install under the basin, Dale re-installed it and re-firmed up the dirt around it - and it still flexed. Not as much, but enough to cause concern. So, we took a few days to mull over our options. While we were doing that, I went online in search of the right pump for the fountain. And lo and behold, on that website there was a section for the basins. I decided to see if we got a good deal on ours (we did) and there it was - the exploded view of our basin, complete with the 'extra' piece in it's correct place - the centre of the basin, where the rock was supposed to sit! I ran out, took out the four pieces, installed the centre piece, put the other four back in place and my goodness - NO FLEXING! Amazing what reading instructions can do. In our defense, the basin didn't come with any written instructions and verbals from the guy at the rock place were pretty vague. So Dale got the tractor, we roped the rock and set it in place and surprise surprise - no flexing, a solid base! We were both quite relieved, you betcha! We added water, went to Jerry's and got a pump - and then went back to Jerry's and got a valve to turn DOWN the pump - fired it up and the yellowjackets and wasps gathered to thank us for providing them with a great water source. It was up and running and looking great, so we finished up with the rock ledge and then poured in about a hundred pounds of tumbled, round, flat black stones to hide the basin grid, got a load of hemlock bark mulch to go around the whole thing and then sat back and enjoyed the sound and sight of gently splashing water coursing down this very cool basalt column of rock. Well worth the effort, definitely.

The basin, finally, correctly installed and ready to receive the rock

Setting the rock, gingerly

Rock installed! The pipe is to align with the centre hole of the basin

The first test

Figuring out we have WAY too much pump!

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