Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Western Oregon 1st Birthday Party

On August 6th, 4 siblings - Riley, Sybil, Jan and Tazz - gathered at the ranch to enjoy some playtime and lots of great food and conversation. Hank with owner Mark and Mark's pal from Florida Donn were still on the road, running behind, and didn't make it until later that evening. Everyone missed not getting to see Hank! But, a good time was had by all.

All pictures courtesy of Anna H, Riley's co-owner. Anna entered a shot of Sybil that she took in the Lane County Fair contest and WON big time! That shot will be coming to the blog soon. There are still pix on Dale's camera of the group that I need to get and will post as soon as I get 'em downloaded.

Little Jan takes Tazz to the mat

Tazz - all legs and tongue. Tazz is doing agility and has just started stock training with Dave Viklund, our trainer

What a mug! Tazz looks sad eyes at the camera (or maybe the cake, hard to tell)

The cake for the two legged ones

And for the four legged ones

Little Jan, fully recovered from the pelvic rebuild this past winter. She too has started training with Dave, using owner Don's cows, which she started working on her own at a very early age

Tazz, Jan and Sybil roar thru the north pasture

Little Jan

Riley, Sybil and Jan


  1. Tazz - all legs and tongue, he looks like an African Wild Dog in that picture.

  2. He really was all legs and tongue.

    Thanks for posting these Dusty! And you already have that lovely pic of Sybil that won, but if you want me to send it to you again I could.
    Cheers to you!