Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They Make Scents

No, not the dogs. Yes, they make scents, but their scents make your eyes water and cause you to run for fresh air. These guys make the kind of scents that waft about you on a warm summer's evening, causing you to linger and sniff awhile. Much better, those scents. Between them, I don't get a lot done right off the start when I'm working in the garden. I just stand and let the scents combine and wash over my nose, close my eyes, and just enjoy it all.

A very fragrant sweet pea, 'High Scent'

Another one, one of my own, named in memory of Trish's Jagster, 'Perfect Storm'

One of the first fragrant lilies blooming, 'Lombardia'. It's as fragrant as it is beautiful and I have a LOT of them around the deck

The ultra fragrant English shrub rose 'Savoy Hotel' adds its strong, honeyed floral notes to the melody

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