Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sheep Salad Bar

After all this time of respecting the new beeyard, Michaud finally couldn't stand it any longer. He would stare longingly at those succulent, sultry sweet peas, the luscious lupines, the statuesque Shasta daisies, the crowding clover, and he finally decided to heck with it. Head down, push thru the chicken wire and under the hot wire and into the beeyard he went. Then, he brought Mikey and the rest of the gang to follow his lead. The results, you'll see below.

Needless to say, the next day Dale and I went out and fixed their wagons. No more wimpy chicken wire. 3 heavy, wire rope hot wires now protected the Bee Girls. Michaud had to try it out the very afternoon we strung it. And, he kept trying it, along with Mikey. Until they finally decided it was a lost cause and they were tired of getting their tender noses zapped.

The Bee Girls didn't seem too put out, once I righted their water and refilled it. They'll make do until everything regrows, and there's still a lot in the wild and in the garden to keep them full and happy.

Formerly full of sweet peas, yarrow and clover; now just a collection of stems

This was a traffic-stopping barrel of tall, elegant Shasta daisies

More sweet peas and yarrow, gone for awhile

Lupines, sans leaves

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