Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Plethora of Flora

Please enjoy the summer garden at the ranch by clicking on the pix. Wish I could include scent for ya, but that technology is still waiting to be discovered and patented

Lamb's Tail 'Joey'

A pot full of wildly coloured daisies and yellow starred deep purple petunias rubs shoulders with a pot of free range blue lobelia

An elegant Martha Washington geranium hobnobs with another pot full of purple diasca, nemesia and yellow Marguerites, with another pot of free range lobelia (I have a lot of those this year) tucked in there

A very cool dwarf snapdragon called 'Twinny Peach Shades' shares living space with a very fragrant and colourful nemesia

Dwarf snap 'Twinny Peach Shades'

For my 50th last year, Dale got this way cool lizard plant stand up at Homegrown Gardens in Corvallis. A brilliant dahlia shares top billing with two very happy potato vines. 'Meyer Improved' lemon in the background, loaded with tiny green lemons and happy as a clam in chowder

And speaking of things growing wherever they want - a gaggle of free range snapdragons of all sorts of colours popped up by the greenhouse, in the 3/8 minus packed gravel, with zero water other than rain - and are doing fantastic. There are also free range pansies and alyssum in that gravel patch. Guess we know who the really tough flowers are, eh?

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