Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mystery Plant

Can anyone ID this monster? It popped up in my veggie garden several weeks ago. Might have come in with a load of Lane Forest Products Frugal garden soil, as all three were right together, two in the pepper bed and one in the next bed.

It's quite stout but also very succulent in the stems. The leaves are fairly large. The flowers open briefly in the morning and resemble white morning glories. The fruit, as you can see, is very prickly. The entire plant emits a fairly unpleasant odour that I can't describe other than, well, it's not my cuppa. I pulled up two of them and they have a long tap root. At this point, the plant is approximately 4' tall. The pepper bed that it's in has mature sweet pepper plants in it so you can kind of gauge the size.

I think it's some sort of noxious weed, but I didn't find it on the ODA website. Any help is appreciated. I'm about to pull this last one as well, as it's shading my peppers and I would much rather have them than this big brute in my garden. Don't forget to click on the pix for a better view.


  1. Hmmm, the fruit and flower look kinda like the wild cucumber that grows down here in So Cali, and those things can have massive taproots too. But, wild cucumber is usually a sprawly, vine-y type of plant, complete with curly tendrils.

  2. That's some weed! Hey... just went on your page and saw the pic from the 1998 ASCA show. Made me tear up... and at work too! I really miss my babies! Best Dogs ever! But then tell me one person who doesn't feel that way about their Morgan River Aussie!!!
    Miss you too lady!

  3. It's Jimsonweed! Part of the nightshade family, might want to get that outta there quick!

  4. Katie just called me and said it's Jimsonweed and it's poisonous!