Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Back!

Ya miss me? Left wing finally out of the sling and partially usable, but definitely able to type again without taking an hour to type one sentence and scaring the dogs with the bad words.

Had a lot of folks email about missing the garden's progress. I have already made one batch of bread and butter pickles and a batch of sweet pickle relish (canning one handed is almost as much fun as one should ever have) as well as finished up the onion harvest and plucked a peck of potatoes from the boxes, mostly 'Russian Banana' fingerlings. But here ya go - the garden as of last evening!

Final onion harvest of 'Cippolino' onions. Just letting them cure a bit in the sun before final finish and bagging

The 'Brandywine' and 'Costuluto Genovese' grafted tomatoes, loaded with green fruit, which hopefully will ripen before December

'Pearl', 'Bush Pickle' and 'Miss Pickler' cukes on their trellis and into the 'Mirai' corn. I let them climb the corn as well. Not only have I been picking, pickling and just chopping up for fresh salad use but Donna's gotten a big bag of them for herself as well, and they just keep coming

The wall of 'Doyle's Thornless' blackberries in full battle dress. Remember, this is only the backside of the two vines!

Gettin' close....

The 'Mirai' corn stands tall and tasselled. I spotted an ear or three pretty close to pickin' stage

The Brussels sprouts, old broccoli gone to flower for the Bee Girls, and recently planted fall crop of both purple and green broccoli. You have probably wondered why I plant my beds so closely. Conserves water and crowds out weeds. I rarely ever have to weed my beds and only water about once a week or less this year, what with the cool summer we've been having

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