Tuesday, August 30, 2011

East Coast 1st Birthday Party

Cricket's sister Macy and Ho's bro Couper got to partake of their own party over on the other coast. Pay no attention to how dignified Couper (blue merle) looks - he's just as goofy as his big bro Ho Dog. At least Coup's better looking than Ho....

Okay, when you see OUR group shot, I hope you have forgotten this one by then. GG, momma Macy, daddy Coup, bro Woody

Woody at a year. That boy had coat when he was born that would have kept him warm in Siberia

Handsome devil, isn't he? He just started his stockwork with owner Joe

Cricket's brother Grissom, Woody the one year old, and daddy Coup eye the cake on the table out of sight

Griss (lighter red merle, Cricket's bro) and young Woody snarf some cake

Can't be of my bloodlines - mine aren't nearly that polite with a cake being waved over their heads. Daddy Coup (blue merle), Woody and Griss' nose. Love Coup's expression!

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