Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Veggie Garden, Summer of 2011

In spite of the wild weather, we got stuff growin'. And now that it's been in the 80's (!) for the past few days, growing very well. The fall broccoli crop is in the greenhouse and popping up; hopefully I'll be able to plant them out when they're ready to go.

In the few days since this pix was taken, the corn has grown at least a few inches and the cukes on the fence are already climbing up it

Here's a good study for you. Three tomatoes, two grafted ones (in cages), 'Brandywine' closest and 'Costoluto Genovese' fartherest. And that, in the middle, is a seed-grown 'Costoluto'. All three were planted out at the same time, at about the same size, with the grafted ones perhaps a few inches taller. And yes, the one in the middle actually does get plenty of sun, or at least it will again when it gets going

This was kind of a pleasant surprise - a free range lupine in a sweet vanilla yellow shade that popped up amongst the free range pansies

Ah, the onions. I do love my sweet 'Candy' and 'Cippolino' onions. And they love growing here. As soon as the tops start falling over in a few weeks, we'll start harvesting, a few weeks later than normal

'Princess LaRata' fingerling potato box, overflowing

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