Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shae Meets the Sheep

12 years old. Been on sheep way back when, probably around a year or two old, and just a few times for fun. So we put the poor wethers into the working arena and turned her loose. Shelly has excellent recalls with Shae, so I wasn't worried at all. After all, how much damage could a 12 year old dog do anyway?

She started out just as she had on the ducks that morning. Meandering around, smelling all those good smells, and totally ignoring Ho Dog moving the ducks around. Every once in a while he'd move one almost on top of her, and she'd kinda give it a look, but then it was back to exploring. Ho ran out of gas, except for his mouth of course, and flopped. And, after a few more minutes of Shelly and I kind of moving the ducks and Shae around, she suddenly put her ears up and focused. From that moment until we finally gave those ducks a well deserved break, she was finding her stride with them, figuring out all by herself to pull herself off the fence to put them back on it, trying to keep them together (they don't play well with each other, so it's kind of hard on the dogs just starting out), and being polite and not eating any of them. It was magical to see her turn on with the ducks. The sheep session started out the same way, just without Ho Dog. And, just like with the ducks, when she finally noticed them things, it was just pretty to see. Now, sure, there was a lot of chasing and splitting to start with, and just like with the ducks, this years wether lambs and the older wethers don't really work together as a group quite yet anyway, but Shae absolutely had some sterling moments, and I sure thought that I was watching a 2 or 3 year old dog out there. And at times, she sure reminded me of her granma Morgan as well. At the end of the session, when Shae reluctantly left the pooped sheep, she sure was proud of herself. Her momma Jazzee and daddy Kane would have been proud as well.

Just figuring it all out - and remember, this is a TWELVE YEAR OLD

Got the whole corner thing down pat, just like Gem the BC. Love the balance point here

THIS was amazing. Shae is about to put those sheep thru this gate perfectly - and she's never done it before (the sheep have, but usually from the other direction, and never because they've wanted to go). A nice, quiet approach

Getting closer

A little hesitation, not really knowing what is expected of her, but still being very quiet and not upsetting the sheep

Still quiet, and the sheep exit the gate nicely in a group. I think she may be showing a little eye there to Ricky Bobby the ram in the lead!

She backed herself up a bit and let them flow all the way thru the gate. I don't know many Advanced dogs that could it that well!

That's one happy 12 year old and owner, let me tell you

And, a little steam to let off after that is appropriate

Did I mention that she's 12 years old?

Look at the lean on those sheep, and then the lean on Shae, figuring out what to do all by herself

Stillllll going.......

STILL going.......she looks so much like Morgan here it's not even funny

And she nicely picks up the stragglers

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