Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seeing Shae

I was excited. Shelly and one of the last Jazzee daughters (by Kane), Shae, were on their way up to spend the week with us and go to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene. I hadn't seen Shae in close to 12 years! And when she got here, I was absolutely floored with this 12 year old gal who was keeping up with not even a year old Riley and sisters Sybil and Jan! Shelly has done a fantastic job of keeping Shae fit and trim, and it shows.

There are a lot more pix of Shae comin' up - working sheep, playing with Jan, and hiking at Alsea Falls, so stay tuned!

She may be a Jazzee daughter, but this is pure granma Morgan here

Relaxin' in the swing. Seems to run in the family, that

With the Christmas mouse, showin' off those baby blues and browns

And, showing that she can cram a lot in her mouth, also a family trait

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