Friday, July 1, 2011

Mow, Mow, Mow Yer Lawn

Okay, pastures would be a better choice of words, but it didn't really work in the title. And these lawns are really, REALLY big 'uns. I guess technically they could be the cow's lawns, in which case I would say, 'ya better get after mowin' them durn lawns ya lazy buncha milkbags!'. But they would just ignore me as they are wont to do, unless I have a feedbucket in my hand. So it's up to Big Orange and us to do the mowing for them. I do hope they appreciate the effort.

Big Orange ready for action

Starting the downwind leg in the maternity pasture

Dale takes a turn on a ho-hum kinda day. Dunno if you can see, but he's wearing his heavy jacket because yes, this was a few weeks ago and yes, it was pretty chilly

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  1. Still in awe as to how lovely your land is!