Friday, July 1, 2011

Cow's A Plenty

Yep, been quite awhile since I got a chance to hit the ol' blog, and I've got three cameras full of new pix that haven't even been downloaded yet! Starting next Thursday, I'll be taking a long hiatus from blogging and email, probably get back online late September, maybe earlier, just have to see. In the meantime, gonna try and get caught up with the blog (and yes, the emails!) and get them pix up, so expect a flood of posts. Or, maybe not. Sure been nice out the past few days....

Navarra and Roar amble up the freshly mown hill in the north pasture on a fine, fine late spring day (told ya I was a bit behind)

The gang ambles down towards the feeder bunks. Like there's not enough to eat out there?

Still amblin'

And Young Master Yukon suddenly realizes everyone else has left his little dun butt behind

A very nearly full house. Two more mommas with their babies, Romance and Vanessa with their kids, will be joining the harem in a few days hence

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