Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Colour (S)pots

So my sense of colour is a bit warped. Mostly, it's my sense of what seeds I actually planted in what pots that's a little off kilter. But **I** like 'em just fine, thankee kindly

A 'Terracotta' snap, a wonderfully coloured pansy and the tall 'Southern Charm' verbascum mingle with a deep magenta phlox that popped up and a few other pansies that I didn't actually plant

My weird and wild hanging basket tree. Don't you just love that wild deep purple and yellow starred petunia there? Don't forget to click on the pix!

Okay, so I didn't know that was a deep red cahrillhoe (sp?) when I planted it with the pink diasca and 'Lipstick' marguerite (and yellow daisy that I forget what it is but it smells divine, like honey and vanilla)

This is my summer wedding basket as I call it. Blue and white lobelia, 'Cappuccino' petunia, white 'Swan' bacopa and a wild purple and white verbena you can barely see in the back

The colours are funky in this shot - the petunia is actually a deep purple and yellow and the tall snaps are a vivid orange and deep orange - really striking in real life

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