Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gone on Hiatus

I know there are a lot more pix to post, but I just flat ran out of time (and energy - not used to the heat, y'know). So, I'll leave you with some cow shots to hold you over until I get both wings working again and can type without saying bad words. Have a great summer everyone and see you in the fall!

First warm day of the year and all the cows were dropping like, well, cow droppings

A fine portrait of Roar, his half sister JB Navarra (also by Pharoah) and baby Easter catchin' a snack

Navarra and Easter enjoy the grass, sunshine and milkbar


Four generations in one place at one time is pretty neat. So, here they are!

Shae (Kane X Jazzee 1999, blue merle); Ho Dog (Chaps X Catera 2000, red bi); Cricket (Cody X Dancer 2005, red tri) and baby Sybil (Hoke X Cricket 2010 red merle and white)

Shae and Ho soak up some sunshine while waiting for them pesky youngsters to get their act together for the group shot

A Rosy Outlook

Thanks to everyone who's sent along their best wishes - for you, the perfect thank you, roses!

English climber 'The Impressionist' series of bloom

Half open

Fully and fragrantly open

'Celsiana', a Damask that dates from around 1752 or earlier

'Rosa mundi' or 'Rosa gallica versicolour', a Gallica known since the 16th century, a wild and fragrant sport of 'Rosa gallica officinallis' or 'The Apothecary Rose', for its medicinal properties. Said to be named after one of King Henry's mistresses, Fair Rosamund

'Mundi' can eat fences and young pups, given a chance. Sybil eyes it warily

Veggie Garden, Summer of 2011

In spite of the wild weather, we got stuff growin'. And now that it's been in the 80's (!) for the past few days, growing very well. The fall broccoli crop is in the greenhouse and popping up; hopefully I'll be able to plant them out when they're ready to go.

In the few days since this pix was taken, the corn has grown at least a few inches and the cukes on the fence are already climbing up it

Here's a good study for you. Three tomatoes, two grafted ones (in cages), 'Brandywine' closest and 'Costoluto Genovese' fartherest. And that, in the middle, is a seed-grown 'Costoluto'. All three were planted out at the same time, at about the same size, with the grafted ones perhaps a few inches taller. And yes, the one in the middle actually does get plenty of sun, or at least it will again when it gets going

This was kind of a pleasant surprise - a free range lupine in a sweet vanilla yellow shade that popped up amongst the free range pansies

Ah, the onions. I do love my sweet 'Candy' and 'Cippolino' onions. And they love growing here. As soon as the tops start falling over in a few weeks, we'll start harvesting, a few weeks later than normal

'Princess LaRata' fingerling potato box, overflowing

Colour (S)pots

So my sense of colour is a bit warped. Mostly, it's my sense of what seeds I actually planted in what pots that's a little off kilter. But **I** like 'em just fine, thankee kindly

A 'Terracotta' snap, a wonderfully coloured pansy and the tall 'Southern Charm' verbascum mingle with a deep magenta phlox that popped up and a few other pansies that I didn't actually plant

My weird and wild hanging basket tree. Don't you just love that wild deep purple and yellow starred petunia there? Don't forget to click on the pix!

Okay, so I didn't know that was a deep red cahrillhoe (sp?) when I planted it with the pink diasca and 'Lipstick' marguerite (and yellow daisy that I forget what it is but it smells divine, like honey and vanilla)

This is my summer wedding basket as I call it. Blue and white lobelia, 'Cappuccino' petunia, white 'Swan' bacopa and a wild purple and white verbena you can barely see in the back

The colours are funky in this shot - the petunia is actually a deep purple and yellow and the tall snaps are a vivid orange and deep orange - really striking in real life

More Jag Pix

Trish sent along some of her fave pix of her baby boy for us to enjoy

Take THAT you dumb bovine!

Reserve Winners Dog at the 2004 ASCA National Specialty - what an honour!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Say Goodbye to Jag

A-CH Morgan Rivers Perfect Storm


17 May 2000 - 5 July 2011

Trish's beloved Jaggy Waggy, leader of the Heathens, the gentle soul with more love than anything else in his big heart

Never, ever to be forgotten

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shae Meets the Sheep

12 years old. Been on sheep way back when, probably around a year or two old, and just a few times for fun. So we put the poor wethers into the working arena and turned her loose. Shelly has excellent recalls with Shae, so I wasn't worried at all. After all, how much damage could a 12 year old dog do anyway?

She started out just as she had on the ducks that morning. Meandering around, smelling all those good smells, and totally ignoring Ho Dog moving the ducks around. Every once in a while he'd move one almost on top of her, and she'd kinda give it a look, but then it was back to exploring. Ho ran out of gas, except for his mouth of course, and flopped. And, after a few more minutes of Shelly and I kind of moving the ducks and Shae around, she suddenly put her ears up and focused. From that moment until we finally gave those ducks a well deserved break, she was finding her stride with them, figuring out all by herself to pull herself off the fence to put them back on it, trying to keep them together (they don't play well with each other, so it's kind of hard on the dogs just starting out), and being polite and not eating any of them. It was magical to see her turn on with the ducks. The sheep session started out the same way, just without Ho Dog. And, just like with the ducks, when she finally noticed them things, it was just pretty to see. Now, sure, there was a lot of chasing and splitting to start with, and just like with the ducks, this years wether lambs and the older wethers don't really work together as a group quite yet anyway, but Shae absolutely had some sterling moments, and I sure thought that I was watching a 2 or 3 year old dog out there. And at times, she sure reminded me of her granma Morgan as well. At the end of the session, when Shae reluctantly left the pooped sheep, she sure was proud of herself. Her momma Jazzee and daddy Kane would have been proud as well.

Just figuring it all out - and remember, this is a TWELVE YEAR OLD

Got the whole corner thing down pat, just like Gem the BC. Love the balance point here

THIS was amazing. Shae is about to put those sheep thru this gate perfectly - and she's never done it before (the sheep have, but usually from the other direction, and never because they've wanted to go). A nice, quiet approach

Getting closer

A little hesitation, not really knowing what is expected of her, but still being very quiet and not upsetting the sheep

Still quiet, and the sheep exit the gate nicely in a group. I think she may be showing a little eye there to Ricky Bobby the ram in the lead!

She backed herself up a bit and let them flow all the way thru the gate. I don't know many Advanced dogs that could it that well!

That's one happy 12 year old and owner, let me tell you

And, a little steam to let off after that is appropriate

Did I mention that she's 12 years old?

Look at the lean on those sheep, and then the lean on Shae, figuring out what to do all by herself

Stillllll going.......

STILL going.......she looks so much like Morgan here it's not even funny

And she nicely picks up the stragglers

Seeing Shae

I was excited. Shelly and one of the last Jazzee daughters (by Kane), Shae, were on their way up to spend the week with us and go to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene. I hadn't seen Shae in close to 12 years! And when she got here, I was absolutely floored with this 12 year old gal who was keeping up with not even a year old Riley and sisters Sybil and Jan! Shelly has done a fantastic job of keeping Shae fit and trim, and it shows.

There are a lot more pix of Shae comin' up - working sheep, playing with Jan, and hiking at Alsea Falls, so stay tuned!

She may be a Jazzee daughter, but this is pure granma Morgan here

Relaxin' in the swing. Seems to run in the family, that

With the Christmas mouse, showin' off those baby blues and browns

And, showing that she can cram a lot in her mouth, also a family trait