Thursday, June 16, 2011

Speedy at a Year

Bonnie and I also snuck over to my pal Carla's place to take a gander at Speedy and Velvet, two Roar yearlings (Speedy out of Millie, Velvet out of Ruffie). We were both so impressed with Speedy that I decided that I wasn't going to sell Millie after all. And Alex took that news better than I thought he would, but I also gave him a lead on some Turbo (Speedy's half bro, by Tali out of Millie) calves out of some fine Hereford cows that would do him just as good.

I did mention to Bonnie to watch out for that hotwire....

Speedy and Velvet are wondering just exactly who the two nutty women with cameras following them all over the place were. Velvet is the spitting image of her momma Ruffie

A baby Roar! This is a YEARLING who was cut at a month old - pretty doggone awesome guy, Speedy is

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