Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shear Nekkid

Saturday was quite a rodeo here. Romella called early and said that Dusty (the shearer guy, NOT me) would be there to shear that morning. So, I got things started, then Dale and Gem came out and we got everyone sorted without mixing anybody with anybody that shouldn't have been mixed, and we drove the 12 lucky winners into the feederbunks so we could load them in the trailer. Gem, however, is just a bit too timid yet to convince them they'd rather get in the trailer than face her, so Dale took her back and came back with a loaded weapon - Hoke. Hoke, unfortunately, hadn't been worked in a long time so he was a bit on a hair trigger. By the time we finally got the trailer loaded, there were bad words said and yes, some blood was spilled (but I didn't even need stitches, so it was okay). The sheep were convinced that the trailer was the safest place for them - so much so that at Romella's, they refused to exit. Dusty brought his Border collie in but she too was just too timid to do much to help. So all Dale did was mention that he was gonna go get Hoke out of the truck, and believe it or not, them sheep bailed out of that trailer like the world was ending. I told them that wasn't until October now, so they had some breathing room. Once they were sheared and feet trimmed, they hopped back in the trailer no problem, and off we went back across the street to the ranch. An hour or so later, Dusty and Andrew arrived to pick up the ones going to the sale, so once again, Gem penned up the ones going to Happy Ranch, and the four of us loaded the 5 wethers and one ewe. Everyone else went back to their respective pastures and the lone wether lamb that just wouldn't stay weaned finally found himself where he just couldn't wriggle his way back to mom. We were all a bit wiped out after that ordeal, especially Gem and Hoke, but it got done, we got down to a more managable number, and everyone looks good now, ready for that hot weather - if it ever comes.

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