Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Really Big Rock Arrives

We were down at Lane Forest picking up a coupla slabs for the flagpole when we saw it. A large basalt column with a hole in it. We both knew it belonged at the ranch, next to the flagpole, flowing into a pond, so we decided to give it a home. Now we just have to design and dig the pond before the ground dries into concrete as it does here in the summer. That is, if summer decides to make an appearance. We're told that on Tuesday, the first official day of summer, we might, MIGHT hit 80 degrees. Seeing as how we have made exactly 3 forays into the 70's thus far this year here at the ranch, I'll be impressed if it happens.

Now, about that pond design....

Cricket poses with the Really Big Rock

It always seems that whatever goes in Really Big Red requires Big Orange to unload

Yep, that's how much it weighs

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