Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bulls In White Satin

Been awhile since I've been near the big computer, and the pix are piling up in all three cameras - really gotta get after gettin' those things downloaded. But, with the weather cooperating, the pastures needed to be mowed, the sheep sheared and the flybags refilled, among about a zillion other things. Big Orange was more like a Transformer the past few days - bucket/grapple on and off, forks on and off and off again, rear blade on and off, and now the mower on and mowing commencing. Got the maternity pasture and a lot of the north pasture done today. May not do the south pasture, we'll just have to see. Roar thinks he's died and gone to cow heaven - all them girls, just for him, and more coming this weekend. Don't know what he's gonna do when he's all done with them for the next 9+ months; probably go back to being bored. Or, as you can see, taking it all out on the poor flybag, his third fave activity after girls and apples.

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