Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Joy and Cricket Show

Joy (Zenda X LeeLu) is one fearless heifer calf. She'll take on the Gangsta Girls, the cats, the tractor and will shamelessly rifle my pockets for treats - while I'm wearing the pockets. But she made a mistake when she played all big and fearless to Cricket. Even Roar respects Cricket.

Phase One - Give Cricket the once over

Phase Two - Realize you might be in over your head this time

Phase Three - Bluff your butt off. At this point, I put the camera away because I knew what was gonna happen next and wanted to prevent it from happening. Joy can learn her hard lesson another day

Across the Fence

Yukon (Roar X Pecan) and Easter (Navarra daughter, sorry Bonnie I forget who her sire is) natter across the fence with the wethers

The Really Big Rock Arrives

We were down at Lane Forest picking up a coupla slabs for the flagpole when we saw it. A large basalt column with a hole in it. We both knew it belonged at the ranch, next to the flagpole, flowing into a pond, so we decided to give it a home. Now we just have to design and dig the pond before the ground dries into concrete as it does here in the summer. That is, if summer decides to make an appearance. We're told that on Tuesday, the first official day of summer, we might, MIGHT hit 80 degrees. Seeing as how we have made exactly 3 forays into the 70's thus far this year here at the ranch, I'll be impressed if it happens.

Now, about that pond design....

Cricket poses with the Really Big Rock

It always seems that whatever goes in Really Big Red requires Big Orange to unload

Yep, that's how much it weighs

Yet More Fun with Flowers

I just can't help myself. I see flowers, I take pictures. It's a disease. I do hope there isn't a cure.

A perfect pansy and nemesia combination

Ancient gallica 'Complicata'. The fragrance will floor you on a warm day

Having a visit with one of the Bee Girls

Cricket poses in front of 'Playboy' just coming into full bloom. Hard to believe this started literally as a little twig just two years ago!

Down the garden path. The free range pansies have taken over this part of the veggie garden as well now

Shear Nekkid

Saturday was quite a rodeo here. Romella called early and said that Dusty (the shearer guy, NOT me) would be there to shear that morning. So, I got things started, then Dale and Gem came out and we got everyone sorted without mixing anybody with anybody that shouldn't have been mixed, and we drove the 12 lucky winners into the feederbunks so we could load them in the trailer. Gem, however, is just a bit too timid yet to convince them they'd rather get in the trailer than face her, so Dale took her back and came back with a loaded weapon - Hoke. Hoke, unfortunately, hadn't been worked in a long time so he was a bit on a hair trigger. By the time we finally got the trailer loaded, there were bad words said and yes, some blood was spilled (but I didn't even need stitches, so it was okay). The sheep were convinced that the trailer was the safest place for them - so much so that at Romella's, they refused to exit. Dusty brought his Border collie in but she too was just too timid to do much to help. So all Dale did was mention that he was gonna go get Hoke out of the truck, and believe it or not, them sheep bailed out of that trailer like the world was ending. I told them that wasn't until October now, so they had some breathing room. Once they were sheared and feet trimmed, they hopped back in the trailer no problem, and off we went back across the street to the ranch. An hour or so later, Dusty and Andrew arrived to pick up the ones going to the sale, so once again, Gem penned up the ones going to Happy Ranch, and the four of us loaded the 5 wethers and one ewe. Everyone else went back to their respective pastures and the lone wether lamb that just wouldn't stay weaned finally found himself where he just couldn't wriggle his way back to mom. We were all a bit wiped out after that ordeal, especially Gem and Hoke, but it got done, we got down to a more managable number, and everyone looks good now, ready for that hot weather - if it ever comes.

Speedy at a Year

Bonnie and I also snuck over to my pal Carla's place to take a gander at Speedy and Velvet, two Roar yearlings (Speedy out of Millie, Velvet out of Ruffie). We were both so impressed with Speedy that I decided that I wasn't going to sell Millie after all. And Alex took that news better than I thought he would, but I also gave him a lead on some Turbo (Speedy's half bro, by Tali out of Millie) calves out of some fine Hereford cows that would do him just as good.

I did mention to Bonnie to watch out for that hotwire....

Speedy and Velvet are wondering just exactly who the two nutty women with cameras following them all over the place were. Velvet is the spitting image of her momma Ruffie

A baby Roar! This is a YEARLING who was cut at a month old - pretty doggone awesome guy, Speedy is

Sweet Yvonne

Bonnie and I took a little road trip out to Molalla to see Roar's son York and daughter Yvonne. Yvonne is out of Romance, which makes her a full sister to our silver yearling Dawn, currently 'on vacation' down in Crow with Tali the black bull. What a chunk Yvonne is! She'll be up here this weekend with her mom and her half brother York and his mom Vanessa so that the moms can noodle around with Roar.

Yvonne watches Em pet her cow, Yvonne's mom Romance

Yvonne motors over to see if York is getting something she needs to have too

Yeah, there's that nasty Murray Grey temperament showing itself all over that little girl. Romance and her girl, Em

Yvonne shows off that awesome butt

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bulls In White Satin

Been awhile since I've been near the big computer, and the pix are piling up in all three cameras - really gotta get after gettin' those things downloaded. But, with the weather cooperating, the pastures needed to be mowed, the sheep sheared and the flybags refilled, among about a zillion other things. Big Orange was more like a Transformer the past few days - bucket/grapple on and off, forks on and off and off again, rear blade on and off, and now the mower on and mowing commencing. Got the maternity pasture and a lot of the north pasture done today. May not do the south pasture, we'll just have to see. Roar thinks he's died and gone to cow heaven - all them girls, just for him, and more coming this weekend. Don't know what he's gonna do when he's all done with them for the next 9+ months; probably go back to being bored. Or, as you can see, taking it all out on the poor flybag, his third fave activity after girls and apples.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shasta Shows Her Loot

The ol' man's daughter, Shasta, shows off her booty from her agility career. She certainly looks like her ol' man, that's for sure!

Swingtime 2011

You know that the warmer weather has finally arrived with the swing makes it's yearly appearance out of the old red barn. We almost, ALMOST made it to 80 yesterday - it sure missed a good shot at it at 79 - and while today is not near enough to call it (73 seems to be where we're topping out at), I think the long spell of cold weather may finally be done with the Pacific Northwest. What I now fear is that after months of being well below average, temperature-wise, we will do what we did in 2006 - start breaking records for heat this summer to make up the difference. Wasn't fun then (105 the day the original owner of the ranch moved), won't be fun now. Luckily, it rarely lasts more than a few days, then we're back into the high 70's and low 80's. But still. At least it's rarely ever muggy when it's that hot.

Camo Dog

A soaking wet and happily tired Hoke blends in nicely with the hemlock mulch by the swing, after Lamb Weaning Take Two