Monday, May 23, 2011

This Is Where We Live

Last Saturday marked our fifth anniversary of crossing the state line out of California and into Oregon for good. We'd made a lot of trips over the previous few years up to Oregon from the San Diego area, where we'd lived for nearly 30 years, looking for that 'perfect place' to relocate to. We knew that the Willamette Valley area was the right area, but when we crossed the state line, we were driving our home, as the house we'd thought would be ours ended up not being so (long story). A few hours later, we docked The Beast at a nice RV park in Coburg, and the rest, to quote the tired old saw, is history.

I know there are a ton of pictures of the ranch and surrounding area on the blog, so I thought it would be good to shoot some shots from a different perspective, that being Don's place, to the SW of ours in Bellfountain, probably one of the most beautiful areas in Western Oregon.

This is where we live. And, seeing the pictures below and from the blog over the past two years, you'll know why we live here. Enjoy, and don't forget to click on the pictures.

Looking NE. The 'Bart Simpson' looking clump of tall trees in the centre of the pix is the tree clump south of the ranch on the other half of the original property

The logging road back deep into Don's property

Looking NW from the logging road

The creek that runs thru Don's property

Looking towards Bellfountain. The church is about centre of the picture, just below the peak

Looking towards Green Peak, just out of sight to the left

Herb's place, across the street from our ranch and to the northwest

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