Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Mystery Revealed

So yeah, I keep forgetting I had a little thing goin' here with the Mystery Box. My pal in SoCal actually guessed it in one comment. Since we first saw one last summer we've been in love with the MAK smoker/grill from Hurd's Hardware in tiny Harrisburg not only sells them (the grills are made right here in Oregon, just up the road in Dallas), but during the summer cooks stuff for customers every Saturday. We had a London broil that you could cut with a butter knife that tasted like the most expensive steak you've ever had, and chicken that had us singing praises to the almighty Cornish Cross gods (most chicken you buy is CC). We had to have one. So we finally got one. What's the sense of raising the best grass-fed beef you'll ever taste (and grass-fed lamb, and our pal Alex's pastured pork) if you can't really do it justice when you cook it? You might argue that if it's THAT good, then no matter how you cook it it should be awesome, and you'd be right. But there's awesome, and then there's TOTALLY awesome when it comes to cooking really great meat. The MAK takes outdoor meat cookery to a previously unknown level. This sucker could even dress up store-bought meat, I guarantee it.

We went with the Jellybean to pick it up, and then came back home and got Really Big Red. And when we got home, we went out to the barn and got Big Orange to unload it. You know you've got a great grill when it requires a tractor or forklift to get it in and out of your SuperDuty truck. Note to MAK - you might wanna put that little tip on your website

Supervisor Ho Dog, drooling already

Don't let these two pix fool ya. Dale put most of it together

The finished product, awaiting its inagural break-in fire

Dale plays with the Pellet Boss controller

That is one heavy piece o' stainless steel hood, believe me!

The first results. Alex's pastured pork spareribs and Jim's fiancee's sister's pork bratwurst, straight from Keewaskum, in Wisconsin. I don't like ribs. I will eat almost anything except ribs. There were originally two racks here, but Dale's already scarfed one and is coming for the second one so I thought I'd better get a shot before that happened. To me, they were okay, which because of my dislike of ribs, is pretty dang high praise. To Dale, a rib lover from way back, they were phenomenal. I loved, loved, LOVED the brats, however. Tonite we're smoking our own grass-fed lamb steaks, a cut of lamb I've never ever managed to make edible enough. We'll see how that goes, but the survey says.....


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