Monday, May 23, 2011

Gizmo's 14th

Sunday was Gizmo's 14th birthday, so of course, another cake was in order, as the pack plus Jan took care of Ho Dog's cake. Pony, aka Dingbat the Wonderhorse, turns 28 on Wednesday, but he's not getting a cake. His feet trimmed, maybe. Cake, not happenin'. Besides, his minion Pepperpot the goat would snarf the whole thing in one gulp if I know her.

His birthday highness and my fave rhodie, which always seems to be in full bloom on his birthday

Ho Dog helps himself, much to Gizmo's chagrin

'Hey, that's MY cake you goofus!!'

Gizmo, 14 years young and still hasn't slowed down

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