Monday, May 2, 2011

Cody the Chick Magnet

Since I couldn't get little bro Jim to send me pix of 8 month old Cody, I hopped a plane to Wisconsin to take 'em myself. Well, okay, not really, but hey - while I was there, no sense in wasting any photo ops, right? Handsome devil, isn't he?

His dad Hoke does the same thing while standing - very slightly cocks that right rear foot

A lot of diluted patches and still too much white, but very well put together and a pleasant dog to be around, especially for an 8 month old puppy

His head reminds me so much of Hoke's, but with better shape to it, broader muzzle and backskull whereas Hoke has a bit more of a refined, narrower shape to his head, almost feminine

Actually, mat should read 'Dog Is STILL Nuts'

My bone. MY bone

With his personal chew toy, 5 year old Calvin

That's Ozzie the black lab, Cody's other personal chew toy

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