Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two Very Different Stockdogs

The other day, the cows were ambling around on a grass tasting tour of the north pasture. These were the momma cows, their babies and the yearling heifers, it was a lazy, sunny day (a rarity this time of year), and Ho Dog and Gem the BC were hangin' out in the swing with me. That is, until the cow convoy meandered by. Then, the REAL difference between the old Aussie with almost 11 years of experience and the 1 1/2 year old Border collie with not quite a year of experience became very, very obvious. Two different breeds. Two different outlooks on working. And the cows ambled on, totally oblivious, tasting and comparing notes while the kids played in the sunshine, chasing birds and snacking on the clover.

Gem the BC. If you click on the pix, you may spot the cow convoy to her right down in the pasutre, thru the tulips. She spotted them, and she didn't even have to get on the blog to do it

The reason we have good, strong gates and latches is obvious here

Couldn't convince me to open the gate, so back to study the situation some more

Ho Dog, the old Aussie, in the same position the entire time Gem was working back and forth between gate and grass. He occasionally opened an eye to make sure that those cows were still somewhere in the same zipcode, but otherwise, why waste all that sunshine when you know they aren't going anywhere they aren't supposed to go? Thus, you see the difference between two very different stockdogs. One, the old man, knows those cows are just fine; the other, the young BC, just KNOWS that any moment now, those cows are going to up and charge the electric fence and escape unless she gets there first and stops them

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