Friday, April 8, 2011

Sybil Sees the Sea

Okay, so technically, it's the Pacific OCEAN, not sea, but that didn't work with the title, so there. Dale and I took the day off to go to the coast for a burger, and since Sybil is now 8 months old and still hasn't seen the ocean, we took her and Gem along for the ride. Dale's birthday is tomorrow, so this was a sort of early birthday present for him, as he's got things to do tomorrow, guy things, like gun shows and such. And we couldn't have picked a prettier day for it, that's for sure. After months of rain and grey skies, frost and early spring snow, today was a day made for taking off. We headed south to Hwy 126 and then west to Florence for a leisurely drive up the 101 to Newport, with a photo stop at the Heceta Head Light and with a stop in Waldport at the Big Wheel Drive Inn for some awesome tater tots in the shape of stars and a to-die-for fish sandwich. Just before Newport, we stopped at our favourite glass blowers and I picked out a new, wild vase. We also drooled over about everything in the shop, as usual. But, as we have dogs, the gorgeous, deep blue, very tall floor vase we both fell for was out of the question. But, it was sure pretty to look at. Then, thru Newport to Hwy 20, and head out east for home. A wonderful day indeed, and Sybil finally got to see her coast and ocean.
Sybil and Gem check out the folks from Idaho, thinking they might have treats of some sort they'd want to share with two cute girls

Gem's given up, but Sybil is still hopeful, and thinking that she's lookin' mighty cute
Heceta Head Light and the Keeper's Cottage, one of the most photographed lights in the world, or so we've been told

Gem's ready for the warmth of the Jellybean, while Sybil's still workin' the crowd for treats with the cute act

At the Big Wheel Drive Inn, looking north on 101 at the Alsea Bay Bridge

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