Thursday, April 21, 2011

Packwalk in the Park

Every once in a while, we take a different packwalk, and yesterday morning, we crossed the street and went around Bellfountain Park a coupla times. Several nice photo ops presented themselves, so don't forget to click the pix to enjoy them fully.

One of our native wildflowers, the fawn lily. They grow in drifts that look like yellow bonnets floating above the grass

The back side of the park, the part I call the cathedral for its hushed feeling and tall, dignified firs. You can see some drifts of fawn lilies there

The front side of the park, and the gang posed (mostly) on an old stump. In the background, you can see more fawn lilies as well as a portion of the old red barn. Daddy Hoke (lying down), momma Cricket, baby Sybil and Gem the Border collie poised for flight

Gem fled the scene before I could take a second shot


  1. Love the park pics, reminds me of my own walks there (through many different spots in my life). Thanks for posting these Dusty!

    Miss you guys, say hi to Dale,

  2. Will do, brother. And, you DO know that I-5 goes north, right? Y'all are welcome anytime you need to escape that SoCal madness. Park's still here too, and you guys would love the early morning and late evening packwalks, especially this time of year. Okay, maybe not Viv (Dale's suffering now too).