Sunday, April 3, 2011

He Can Still Get'er Done

Operation 'Get The Wethers Out Of Pony's Pen And Into The Working Arena' commenced this afternoon. I needed them in there so that I could get them wormed and hooves trimmed before hauling them to the sale on Saturday, so Ho and I went to work. It was a tricky operation, not simply a 'move them from one pasture to the working arena'. First off, we had to get them away from Dingbat the Wonder Horse and his not-so-evil minion, Pepperpot the goat. Then, convince them to go out the opening where there were previously two very nasty electric ropes strung across. From there, it was a hundred yards of no-mans land to the gate to the arena, thru the open pasture. And poor Ho, being the old guy, doesn't exactly have the lightning speed and reflexes he once had plus he and Tommy, the former ram, have a little thing going between them. Thus, sometimes Ho tends to fixate on Tommy and forget about Rufus, Spot and Jubal. Which, he did. First, it was a job to get them away from Pony. They long ago figured out if they went and hid under a large animal, such as a horse, cow or bull, that it was very difficult for the dogs to get them out from under said large animal. It took a bit of trick work on Ho's part, but he finally broke them loose from Pony and then he went into Tommy Mode, and he and Tommy took a little stroll around the south pasture, while the other three went back to hiding under Pony for a bit. Tommy finally tore thru the two electric wires and one electric tape to get back with his homies, and we started the whole operation over again. This time, Ho got them all out thru the actual opening, not the downed fence, and again, went for a stroll around the south pasture. Tommy had apparantly told the others that Roar and Ruffie were just down the hill, eating, because he lead the charge in that direction. From my vantage point (at Pony's pen gate), I couldn't see a thing but could hear Ho barking. Then, Roar roaring and Ruffie mooing. Up and over the hill I went, where such a sight to behold met my eyes. Ho had the sheep under control, but they chose poorly by trying to hide under Ruffie the Senior Cow. She simply started helping Ho by bowling sheep every time they tried to hide under her, and finally, they gave up and gave in to Ho Dog. He then drove them down the hill, holding the far outside line to prevent them from heading back into Pony's pen, which they so desperately wanted to get back into, and finally, Ho forced them thru the gate into the working arena. And, just for good measure, he put them thru the course again (Course 'B', I believe it was). By then, he was pretty well done in and went back into the south pasture to hit the stocktank. A tough job, but the old man got'er done, just as he usually does. And I got to rebuild Pony's pen. A fair trade, I'd say.
Four very offended wethers

The Old Man still got it Ho's just off camera, holding the boys together
Taking a well deserved rest in the daisies after a dunk in the tank

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