Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Riley Comes for a Visit

Leslie managed to break a few hours free yesterday, so her and Riley (Lee) drove up for a playdate with sister Sybil and later, sister Jan. What a handsome boy! Thankfully, he didn't get nearly as large as the promise of his early bulk. A good size for agility, fast as greased lightning and Leslie has really done a lot of good work with him. I was actually kind of embarrassed to have Sybil around Leslie, especially once Sybil figured out that Leslie's pockets were an absolute goldmine of string cheese. Sybil, as usual, was totally deaf around me but let Leslie make the smallest move towards a pocket and suddenly she was Miss 200 Points Obedience Champion. Now I gotta get off my butt and start working with her so that I'm not completely embarrassed in August for the birthday gathering.
Riley shows off that famous Morgan River tongue. Going on 8 months old

What a handsome boy!
With sister Sybil, both watching Leslie and the cheese, Sybil showing off her tongue

I should point out that we were in Don and Donna's yard, with Donna, waiting for Don and Jan to get get back from the mill

Jan, almost fully recovered from her major pelvic rebuild, chases sister Sybil in Donna's flowerbed. Won't be long before Jan's fully recovered her speed and then Sybil will be eating HER dust

Jan and Sybil. Unfortunately, the battery on the little camera was about gone, so the shots I took of all three of them, Riley, Sybil and Jan, didn't come out

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