Thursday, March 24, 2011

Packwalk Takes a New Route

The twice daily packwalk has had to reroute itself. The pastures are just too wet now, and everyone knows that walking on wet pasture is very hard on the grass. Bad enough that the stock is walking on it, but my big boots don't help and if that's one small thing I can do for the happy grasses, then so be it. Thus, we changed our route to go down Foster Road, the western boundary of the ranch, to the intersection of Dykstra Road, about a mile one way. This route takes us past Don's place, or rather, a small portion of Don's place, only about 600 acres of the total, and over Oliver Creek, which is the southern boundary of the original ranch parcel when it was the full 100 acres before it was split in two after Terry's passing. Don's cousin Wendy now owns the southern 50 acres with the small rental home on it, and Sharon and Frank lease the land to run their cows on it. So, I thought it'd be nice to snap a few shots from a different perspective for a change. But trust me - the pictures simply do NOT do the scenery justice at all. Matter of fact, I dumped most of them, and even the few here really don't show the sheer beauty of this area. You really need to see it in person to appreciate it. Don't forget to click on the pix!

Ho Dog taking a breather on the bridge over Oliver Creek

A view of the maternity (west) pasture and the silver barn from the southwest corner of the property

From a little further north up the western fenceline

A robin poses nicely for me on a post

One of Don's pastures, looking at Green Peak with a little cloud topping

Another of Don's pastures and timber, with the barns and sawmill in the background and new babies with their mommas on the pasture

Our place is to the right, out of sight. The road is Foster. Don's stand of timber and daffodils. The intersection up ahead is Dawson Road

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