Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Riley Comes for a Visit

Leslie managed to break a few hours free yesterday, so her and Riley (Lee) drove up for a playdate with sister Sybil and later, sister Jan. What a handsome boy! Thankfully, he didn't get nearly as large as the promise of his early bulk. A good size for agility, fast as greased lightning and Leslie has really done a lot of good work with him. I was actually kind of embarrassed to have Sybil around Leslie, especially once Sybil figured out that Leslie's pockets were an absolute goldmine of string cheese. Sybil, as usual, was totally deaf around me but let Leslie make the smallest move towards a pocket and suddenly she was Miss 200 Points Obedience Champion. Now I gotta get off my butt and start working with her so that I'm not completely embarrassed in August for the birthday gathering.
Riley shows off that famous Morgan River tongue. Going on 8 months old

What a handsome boy!
With sister Sybil, both watching Leslie and the cheese, Sybil showing off her tongue

I should point out that we were in Don and Donna's yard, with Donna, waiting for Don and Jan to get get back from the mill

Jan, almost fully recovered from her major pelvic rebuild, chases sister Sybil in Donna's flowerbed. Won't be long before Jan's fully recovered her speed and then Sybil will be eating HER dust

Jan and Sybil. Unfortunately, the battery on the little camera was about gone, so the shots I took of all three of them, Riley, Sybil and Jan, didn't come out

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What A Mug

Hard to resist a quick snap of Princess Joy, milk mouth and all, just before she planted a big ol' messy one right on the camera

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Packwalk Takes a New Route

The twice daily packwalk has had to reroute itself. The pastures are just too wet now, and everyone knows that walking on wet pasture is very hard on the grass. Bad enough that the stock is walking on it, but my big boots don't help and if that's one small thing I can do for the happy grasses, then so be it. Thus, we changed our route to go down Foster Road, the western boundary of the ranch, to the intersection of Dykstra Road, about a mile one way. This route takes us past Don's place, or rather, a small portion of Don's place, only about 600 acres of the total, and over Oliver Creek, which is the southern boundary of the original ranch parcel when it was the full 100 acres before it was split in two after Terry's passing. Don's cousin Wendy now owns the southern 50 acres with the small rental home on it, and Sharon and Frank lease the land to run their cows on it. So, I thought it'd be nice to snap a few shots from a different perspective for a change. But trust me - the pictures simply do NOT do the scenery justice at all. Matter of fact, I dumped most of them, and even the few here really don't show the sheer beauty of this area. You really need to see it in person to appreciate it. Don't forget to click on the pix!

Ho Dog taking a breather on the bridge over Oliver Creek

A view of the maternity (west) pasture and the silver barn from the southwest corner of the property

From a little further north up the western fenceline

A robin poses nicely for me on a post

One of Don's pastures, looking at Green Peak with a little cloud topping

Another of Don's pastures and timber, with the barns and sawmill in the background and new babies with their mommas on the pasture

Our place is to the right, out of sight. The road is Foster. Don's stand of timber and daffodils. The intersection up ahead is Dawson Road

Henry and Great Grandma Catera

Henry, going on 8 months old now (!) and great grandma Catera, who will be 14 this year, with owner Kris, who would drive up here and kill me if I said how old she'll be this year, enjoy the snow probably up at Mt. Laguna, east of San Diego. Okay, so Catera isn't so much enjoying the snow as wondering when she'll be getting back in the nice, warm and dry car to get OUT of the snow.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Crazed Beaver Ate My Posts

Crazed beaver attacks posts holding up the overhang in the dog run

Funny tho - she doesn't LOOK like a beaver. Guess I could get her some OSU shirts and stuff and dress her up as a Beaver Believer....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sybil and Ho Go to the Vet

Ho went to see Dr. Ryan for an old dog checkup and Sybil came along to annoy him. Plus, I wanted to win a free lunch from Dale because I guessed her weight closer than he did. I said 42, he said around 50, and actual was 41.2. Now, don't ask how much poor ol' man Ho Dog weighed....

A very stressed out and hyper puppy blends into the floor nicely. I think at one point she was actually snoring

With great uncle Ho holding the door shut so Dr. Ryan couldn't get back in to poke another needle into him for more blood. He wasn't sucessful

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hank at the 2010 ASCA Nationals Last Year

Mark, Hank and Miz Fussbudget slipped on down to the ASCA Nationals in Waco, TX last October I think it was, and got some pro shots of the dynamic duo by Dart Dog Photography. Enjoy!

Hank, with the typical puppy goofy ears

With Miz Fussbudget

I think they musta drugged him to get him to hold still long enough to take these shots!

Sybil and GG, Cousins in Arms

Sybil, Toymaster

Sybil's grandma Dancer (blue merle), cousin GG (centre) and auntie Macy (Cricket's sister)

GG in the snow back in Mass

I see a whole lot of great-great grandma Jazzee in GG's face here! GG is out of Macy, by Couper, Ho's little bro on the other coast. She was born August 29th, and Sybil August 3rd

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Memory of Taz

Morgan Rivers Tazmanian Devil
4 July 2001 - 26 February 2011

Around 4 years old

With Evan, about 2 I think

Evan, Taz and Doris, puppy kindergarten graduation

8 weeks old

He will be greatly missed. He was greatly loved by Doris and Evan, and Doris' companion par excellance after Evan's passing. He was a good boy.