Monday, February 28, 2011

The Heifer is in the House

A while before feeding time, I saw the girls strolling around the north pasture in the rain. 2 momma cows, 3 heifers, 1 silver heifer calf - wait, we have TWO silver heifer calves, where was Liza?!? It was of course pouring rain, so I grabbed my rain gear and splashed out to the barn to make sure Liza was just being the smart calf and hangin' out where it was warm and dry in the bunks. Nope, not there. She's small enough she could have gotten under one of the panels, so I searched the barn inside and out. Nope. By now, all the girls had come back to the bunks, thinking food was about to be dispensed, so I scolded Misty for not paying attention to her baby or even seeming to notice she was gone. By then, Misty had also checked the bunks and she finally realized (heifers can be SO dumb sometimes!) that she was missing something rather important - a baby daughter. I decided to start searching the north pasture - a daunting task for those who know our place, as that is the big pasture, lots of hills and valleys to hide in - and all I can say is that someone was certainly looking out for our little Liza girl. From the gate to the bunks, I started off towards the tree clump out by the centre fenceline to the south pasture, as I had seen the cows out there earlier. About halfway there, I spotted a soggy grey lump in the pasture and sure enough, it was one very cold and soggy little baby girl. I picked her up and started towards the house. By then, Dale had come out to see what was going on, saw me hauling a limp grey bundle, and went back inside and put the dogs up and got a spot in front of the fire ready for her along with a bunch of dog towels. We got her inside, dumped her on the bed in front of the fire and Dale started toweling her off while I made up a warm bottle of milk replacer for her. She was already a lot more responsive by now and actually standing finally on her own as I gave her the bottle, which she drained right down to the last drop. We let her digest and warm up for a bit, and then hauled her back out to the barn, where we put her and momma Misty back into the calving pen for the night, as it's still cold and pouring rain with no signs of letting up. At least Misty was happy to see little Liza, all concerned and mooing at her and licking her. Until Dale put her feed in front of her, then she went to eating while Liza followed suit.

Poor little Liza has already had more adventures in 4 days than most cows have in a lifetime! But, it's not often you can say that you had a heifer in the house now, is it?

Finished with the bottle and warming up nicely. You can see Sybil over my shoulder in her X-pen, having heart failure about an actual COW being in her house

Such a good girl - at least, unlike Gem the BC, Liza would stand still and let you take her picture

Full belly and dried off and warm - I'd be willing to bet she'd stay right where she was all night long if I'd just keep feeding her!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Girls

The girls just having fun in the snow on the morning packwalk - at 21 degrees

Gem finds that snow doesn't group for her like the sheep do

Gem, Cricket and Sybil

Cricket and Gem watch Sybil snowplowing

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Sybil

Six months going on seven. Where the heck did the time go!?!

Posing pretty

Regal in the grass

Compact Dog. How can you NOT love a goofy face like that?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sybil at 6 Months

Sibyl Bibble, or The Worm as Dale has nicknamed her, at 6 months

Daughter, above, father Hoke below. Definitely her daddy's little girl

Dogs Just Wanna Keep Warm

When it's 36 degrees out and snowing/raining, our dogs know exactly what to do

Ho Dog crashes on his nifty bed from Jerry's in front of the stove

Gem the BC finds the sunny spot on the carpet