Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sibling Revelry

A few weeks ago, when it was about 24 degrees out and the wind was howling, Leslie and Anna brought Riley (Lee) by to have a little playdate with his sister Sybil. While the human componant froze, watching them play and taking pictures (Dale and Anna), the two siblings had a ball, especially with those new adult teeth that needed testing. And test them they did. Don't forget to click on the pix. Oh, and BTW, Sybil took great pleasure in reminding brother Riley that she was an hour older than he. Very sisterly, Sybil.

Great Uncle Ho Dog watches over the cage fighters

Riley sure has gotten handsome - and boy does he have some substance to him!


Just call them 'Jaws'

Sybil goes for the throat. Riley is content with either her eyebrow or ear, can't really tell which

Sybil imitates an en rampant lion

Those jaws again

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