Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan's Recuperation

Two weeks ago, tiny Jan decided to take on owner Don's John Deere in a race to get across the bridge over the creek. Unfortunately, Jan lost. The result was a badly broken pelvis that required almost 7 hours of surgery at OSU to repair. Needless to say, she'll never make it thru a metal detector anytime soon. She will, however, make a complete recovery. It will just take awhile.

She's now on crate rest for the next two months, which actually worked out just fine, as Don and Donna winter in Las Vegas in their RV. They are already there now, and when they get back, Jan goes back to OSU to see how the healing is going.

We got to watch most of the surgery last Monday at OSU's small animal hospital (in the Penney Knight surgery suite no less - that would be Phil Knight's wife Penney, of Nike fame). The surgeon said she'd never seen a 5 month old puppy with such muscling - it took four of them to pull Jan's pelvis back in place so the surgeon could place the screws holding it there in. That was after she had repaired and bolted back together the pelvis and head of Jan's femur, which had to be removed so that the hip socket could be fixed. OUCH! Jan stayed at OSU until Thursday night, and when she left, one of the techs actually cried, she was so sad to see her go. Everyone fell in love with her while she was there.

This will push Jan's stockdog training back a bit, but that's okay. Don says that even without her there, she had trained those cows so well they didn't push him out of the way to get to the feed like they used to, before tiny little Jan taught them that size does NOT matter. Now, they wait outside the feeder bunks, very politely, until Don gets out of the way, whether Jan's there or not. We all wish Jan a speedy and uneventful recovery and can't wait to see her without that awful poodle cut when she gets back!

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