Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ho Dog's Turn

The ol' man decided he wanted a shot at Sybil's new bed, so of course, being the old man, he just ran Gem the BC off of it and plopped down on it himself. No manners, this grumpy old man.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sybil Gets Her Bed

I let Sybil at least try out her bed this evening, after the packwalk and dinner (and a hearty toweling off). The bow (pure decoration, just tacked on and easily removed) and the ear definitely had her attention. But she gives it two paws up (except that shot was so out of focus you couldn't tell if it was a red merle puppy or a cheetah chasing a fly).

The Ultimate Custom Dog Bed

Sybil's new bed arrived today, and of course, momma Cricket had to take it for a spin first to make sure it was suitable for her daughter. As soon as I give Sybil a bath and after she's about two years old, she MAY get to try it herself. Under strict supervision, of course. This bed is very custom for Sybil, as it is patterned after one of our ewes, Flossie.

If you'd like info on getting one of these very special beds for your very special dog, contact me at and I'll put you in touch with the designer/seamstress.

Henry, Jumpin' Bean

Henry at 5 months, showing his jumpin' chops

Boy, is THAT a familiar look!

He jumps just like great-great grandma Jazzee - way over with rear legs tucked to shorten the amount of body going over the jump, thus lessening the chances of dropping the bar with a trailing rear leg or foot

It's okay Henry, the jump's not THAT high!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cody - Total Chick Magnet

Cody (Hoke X Cricket 2010), freezing his butt off in Wisconsin but warming the hearts of every chick who encounters him.

Yes, nice counterpoint with the rug, Jim

I think he must have been drugged for this shot

With his personal, full-sized chew toy Ozzie the Lab

Ozzie and Cody take 5

Oh yeah - you gotta love this shot!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Henry and Woody - Too Cute!

Henry at 5 months (Hoke X Cricket) and his half bro Woody (Couper (Ho's bro) X Macy (Cricket's sis) at 4 months. What a pair they make!

Henry, the very spittin' image of momma Cricket

Woody, having a great time in a lot of snow back in Mass

Jan's Recuperation

Two weeks ago, tiny Jan decided to take on owner Don's John Deere in a race to get across the bridge over the creek. Unfortunately, Jan lost. The result was a badly broken pelvis that required almost 7 hours of surgery at OSU to repair. Needless to say, she'll never make it thru a metal detector anytime soon. She will, however, make a complete recovery. It will just take awhile.

She's now on crate rest for the next two months, which actually worked out just fine, as Don and Donna winter in Las Vegas in their RV. They are already there now, and when they get back, Jan goes back to OSU to see how the healing is going.

We got to watch most of the surgery last Monday at OSU's small animal hospital (in the Penney Knight surgery suite no less - that would be Phil Knight's wife Penney, of Nike fame). The surgeon said she'd never seen a 5 month old puppy with such muscling - it took four of them to pull Jan's pelvis back in place so the surgeon could place the screws holding it there in. That was after she had repaired and bolted back together the pelvis and head of Jan's femur, which had to be removed so that the hip socket could be fixed. OUCH! Jan stayed at OSU until Thursday night, and when she left, one of the techs actually cried, she was so sad to see her go. Everyone fell in love with her while she was there.

This will push Jan's stockdog training back a bit, but that's okay. Don says that even without her there, she had trained those cows so well they didn't push him out of the way to get to the feed like they used to, before tiny little Jan taught them that size does NOT matter. Now, they wait outside the feeder bunks, very politely, until Don gets out of the way, whether Jan's there or not. We all wish Jan a speedy and uneventful recovery and can't wait to see her without that awful poodle cut when she gets back!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sibling Revelry

A few weeks ago, when it was about 24 degrees out and the wind was howling, Leslie and Anna brought Riley (Lee) by to have a little playdate with his sister Sybil. While the human componant froze, watching them play and taking pictures (Dale and Anna), the two siblings had a ball, especially with those new adult teeth that needed testing. And test them they did. Don't forget to click on the pix. Oh, and BTW, Sybil took great pleasure in reminding brother Riley that she was an hour older than he. Very sisterly, Sybil.

Great Uncle Ho Dog watches over the cage fighters

Riley sure has gotten handsome - and boy does he have some substance to him!


Just call them 'Jaws'

Sybil goes for the throat. Riley is content with either her eyebrow or ear, can't really tell which

Sybil imitates an en rampant lion

Those jaws again

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eye Spy

The old man, Ho Dog, awakens from a nap in the puttputt

Entertain Your Horse While Exercising Your Sheep

While we were burning down the burn pile, Ho got bored, the horse got bored, and the sheep got exercised. Ho plays ring around the horsie with Jubal, Tommy, Spot and Rufus, the big wethers, while Pepperpot the goat observes from the safety of Pony's underbelly.