Monday, December 13, 2010

New Wilson Motors Mascot

Really Big Red moseyed up to Wilson Motors in Corvallis this morning for regular servicing, and little Miss Sybil came along for the social aspect of the trip. Unfortunately, the pix of her in front of her fave ride, the bright 'Give Me A Really Big Ticket' red Mustang GT didn't come out. The one of her in ultra hyper mode in the waiting area did. I think maybe she was considering that nice Ice Blue Fusion Hybrid. One thing for sure - EVERYONE had to come by and say 'hi' to her and comment about what a perfectly well behaved puppy she was. She was unfailingly polite to everyone and offered up a paw to special new pals. Never jumped on anyone or chewed on the rug or furniture (mostly because she was too busy receiving adulation from everyone) or did a big one in the showroom. I was quite pleased with her, and more so in light of the fact that because I was late abed this morning, we missed our morning packwalk, so she didn't get her exercise like she normally would have. Didn't seem to bother her, either way.

Everyone agreed she could be the new Wilson Motors Mascot. Don't think that includes the GT, however. Pity, that.

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