Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Chaos

It's kinda sad when you have to use your UTV (the puttputt, aka the Polaris Ranger) to haul all your Xmas stuff to the house! Here is the utter chaos that must be made into calm beauty sometime before Xmas. Then, on January 2nd, it all comes back down, goes back into the boxes, and the puttputt hauls it all back to storage once again, to slumber peacefully thru the months until called into action once again after Thanksgiving.

Why, oh why do we do this year after year after year?! No kids. 5.5 dogs who only care about the contents of their stockings and whether or not any of the decor is edible. You can't really see the front of the house except from the front of the house so we don't decorate that part of the outside. And not too many decorations survive our Decembers outside, so we don't do a lot except under the cover of the porch roof by the back door. It's the magical transformation of an ordinary (sort of) home into a display of lights and glitter and glass for a month that chases away the cold, damp grey outside and melts into a warm, colourful and cozy place to sit and enjoy a hot cuppa and listen to timeless Christmas carols - THAT'S why we do it every year.

Utter and complete chaos

I never know exactly what is in those boxes until I open them up. However, the big blue boxes contain the tree - THAT much I do know

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