Monday, November 29, 2010

Truck Drivin' Dude

Hoke bleeds Ford Blue, believe me. Here he is at the wheel of Really Big Red, on a rainy day run to Coastal to once again try to do something about that damn horse. Notice the nice, shiny new FX4 F-350 parked next to us - truly a red Ford truck parking lot. Stupid horse ripped the top off the feedhouse, yanked a 75# bale off the stack, and ate most of a 50# bag of feed. And of course, since it rained not quite an inch, the rest of the bag, the new, unopened bag and most of the hay was thoroughly wet. Not to mention the damage to the sliding roof, which now sorta works, but mostly doesn't. We picked up a bow gate at Coastal, some T posts, and broke out the electric tape, two reels of electric wire and the heavy electric white rope and built him yet another containment area. Then we put not only his pal Pepperpot the goat in with him, but also Jubal, Tommy, Spot and Rufus, the four big wethers that will be sold next spring. Then, Ho and I moved Roar the bull and Ruffian, Pecan and Millie, the older cows, into that pasture, leaving just the youngsters in the big north pasture. It was a huge amount of work, and I truly wish Jim had taken that idiot horse back to Wisconsin with him. But maybe now we can all get thru the winter in relative peace.

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