Friday, November 19, 2010

Tonga, Quad Amputee

WARNING - Graphic pictures ahead. Some people may be sickened by the carnage in these shots of a young puppy amputating the limbs of a small giraffe.
Kris, Henry's owner, sent Sybil Tonga the Giraffe to play with a few weeks ago. Sybil showed her appreciation for her new toy by immediately, with the help of Gem the BC, removing all his limbs, ears, mane and most of his whiskers. Here, Gem has lost interest now that Tonga has lost limbs. But Sybil is determined to find that squeaker and do a squeakerectomy.

Gizmo fears he may be next in line, altho Sybil lives in dire fear of the 13.5 year old Papillon from Hell

One of Tonga's severed limbs, cast aside and forgotten for a while, anyway

Contemplating which body part to remove next. Not many left to choose from

Excellent use of the front paws as a vise to facilitate maximum chewing

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