Friday, November 5, 2010

Sybil Takes on the Cows

Yesterday we swamped out the feeder bunks before the big weather starts in. Sybil and Ho Dog were out with us, and the gate to the north pasture into the bunks was open so Dale could run Big Orange in and out with his loads of junk hay. The cows had come up to water and saw the open gate to the feeder bunks, so of course, they wandered in to see what food might be lying around, waiting for them. Pecan, the biggest and oldest cow, was something of a pest, being the spoiled pet that she is, and kept getting at the hay we were trying to salvage from the broken bales in one corner. So, Sybil took it upon herself to help out by taking a little heel on Pecan. Surprised the heck out of poor Pecan and me both! Here, she's watching Dawn and Millie to make sure they don't try anything they shouldn't as well.

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