Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Old Man and the Kitties

A few weeks ago, we met with Marty of KATS rescue to pick up our two new barn kitties. Some of you may know that we lost Mellow to a car a year ago, and it seems that Rollover decided that his days of hunting and eating vermin were over, and he went to live with a local girl, in the lap of luxury. So, Kitty Boy and, um, Kitty Boy came to live with us. They are safe, snug and smug as bugs in a rug out in the big silver barn, checkin' out the cows, the Gangsta Girls and the sheep and hopefully learning to hunt the myriad mice and bigger mice that call the barn home. Ho Dog kind of adopted them, sort of - he still gets 'that look' in his eyes now and then, but they don't seem to think much of that look, as they just purr and snuggle up against him in the warm sunlight.

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