Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dogs Having Snow Fun

It was baby Sybil's first snow, and she enjoyed every moment of it. On the morning pack walk in the park, she plowed, she ate, she tried to catch snowflakes in the air, she picked up snow-covered fir twigs and shook the snow off them and chased the flying snow - in other words, she acted just like a young child experiencing her first snow and making the most of it.

Sybil, hangin' on to Gem the BC's tail with all her might, while Cricket and Hoke wrestle

Still got that tail. Ho Dog watches the kids play just like an old grandpa

STILL got the tail! Love Gem's ears here

Hoke and Cricket

Chasin' the tail this time

Gem, Cricket and baby Sybil pose

The ol' man, Ho Dog, enjoys a snow snack

Now, if this isn't a shot to make you go 'awwwww', then your heart must be as cold as it currently is outside

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