Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sybil Flies Solo

Henry made it home to Poway, California safe and sound after some wild weather and flight delays on Sunday afternoon. Sybil went right into the role of 'only puppy' like she was born to it. Her first night in the crate in the bedroom, she was perfect - never made a sound. Momma Cricket kept hopping down off the bed to check on her, however, and then hopping back up after she was satisified that her daughter was fine. Even daddy Hoke now thinks about playing with her. Cricket still keeps a close eye on both Hoke and Gem the BC when they are playing with her, and should Cricket decide that the adults are too rough, she steps right in with a few quick snaps to remind them that momma is still watching over her daughter.

We've decided that she's taking right after daddy Hoke - just ask Dale about the day I brought Hoke home from Tom and Karla's. He took one look at this ugly, skinny, gangly, all-long-pointy-nose-and-big-floppy-eared pup and asked me if I was kidding. But I knew there was a handsome swan under all that, and there was. She is turning into the spitting image of her dad right now, one of the few pups that seemed to take after him. Riley takes after great-great-great-grandma Morgan; Jan, grandma Sinamint; Hank actually is kind of looking like Las Rocosa Poco Lena, mother of Cadillac Jack, Hank's paternal double great-great grandpa; Henry and Andy are definitely their mother's sons; and Cody, well, he's just drop dead gorgeous and takes more after the Morgan side of the family.

Sybil has a good time following me around during chores in the morning and afternoon. She's still unsure of the kittens, who are pretty sure they don't want anything to do with her. The cows and the goat totally capture her attention. And, she did finally do it - during a little rainstorm the other day, she hit the hotwire out in the pasture. With a mighty yelp she lit out for me with ears pinned and legs churning, yodeling the whole way. At 8500 volts, with the wet ground and nose, it's no wonder. But unlike when Gem the BC did it her first time, Sybil accepted it and had zero hesitation to go back out into the pasture. She just stays away from the fence now. It was months before we could drag Gem back out on a leash after her incident, but almost 2 years later, she's finally forgotten and forgiven the fence. Plus, she discovered that the pasture leads to sheep.

Such an insolent child, sticking her tongue out at her momma

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