Monday, October 4, 2010

Jan At Home

Ho Dog and I hopped into Really Big Red and drove down the road to visit Jan and make sure that things were okay, since Donna had only gotten home last night - she was gone when Don brought Jan home on Saturday. I knew that Jan wasn't quite ready to go logging with Don quite yet so I knew she'd be home with Donna. As you can see, Jan seems to be quite happy with her new digs, even if they contain 2 strange creatures called 'cats'. The new digs also contain creatures not so strange and very exciting to Jan - cows. Lots of cows. Donna and I were talking out by her dahlias (which are magnificent) when a small group of cows wandered by the fence. She stopped what she was doing and went right into alert mode, and watched every move those cows made. Donna told her that those were officially her cows and she could do what she wanted to make those cows mind her, because those cows didn't mind Don very well at all most of the time.

Donna said she's just been about perfect, not a single mistake in the house, does all her potty jobs outside just like she should. Donna set up a virtual Taj Mahal of puppydom in the garage for her, and she's got free run of part of the house, the rear deck (from which, when the oak leaves fall, you can see our barn) and all around the front yard (as long as Donna is out with her). She's already explored the humongous veggie garden, all the fruit trees and berry vines, ate some of Donna's strawberries and picked up all kinds of sticks. That RV will be her home for 3 months out of the year, when Don and Donna head to Vegas for the winter. And as I was getting ready to head back home, Donna's grandson Ryan pulled up in his giant Ford 4X4, so she got to meet him as well for the first time. She definitely loved his hat!

Yep, think she's gonna be just fine....

With new mom Donna in back of the RV. The barn where she'll be working starting next summer is in the background

In front of some of Donna's awesome dahlias - stick in mouth

Just being silly in the green grass

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